Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jalur Gemilang is in Distress

I am having a mental block at the moment. Too many things come at a time but no worries people, those things are good problem. Mentally block meaning this I am uninspired to write something and do not know what to write. Am looking forward to my Friday, but looking at the calendar in front of me now while I am posting this, I am having a very heavy Friday instead, full with appointments.

But I am glad that tomorrow it's Friday. And the final week of August should be a relaxing one. I still have some balance leaves that I would need to clear by next week. Am planning to have a breakaway trip to my hometown. Going to finish the one bottle of Black Label that I opened during my last trip back to Melaka. So if anyone is going Melaka for the Merdeka holiday, please buzz me.

Ahhh.... talking about Merdeka... it trigger me suddenly to write about this (spontaneously). I read in some blogs, that the flip-flop PM with craters face urged the Police to take action on bloggers who show disrespect by flying the Malaysian flag upside down. Fellow blogger, Sheih had on Aug 3 launched a campaign to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down as a symbol of the people's frustrations and as a signal of a nation in distress. Distress innit? I am distress too. Who to believe and who is not to believe, I am really disgusted, so I answer the call to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down as the symbol of my frustration.

A while ago, a blogger was arrested under ISA for modifying the symbol of the Police Force. I hope before the police take the action on bloggers who are flying the flag upside down, they should read this.

Sigh... frankly speaking, deep down I have faith in DSAI. I do hope and pray he will win in Permatang Pauh. It had been almost 51 years we are under BN rules, I would love to go for a change at least now, if seriously Pakatan Rakyat fails us, we kick them out in the next GE. I do want to see PR forms the government. But as much as I want, there are far too much to understand, that some MPs in PR tend to screw things up, I hope they are not true and merely political. MPs from PR, please do not fail the Sept 16th plan.

Oh... did I mention earlier that I have a mental block? Waiter, I need my pint of Guinness please...

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