Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anwar Expected to Win

The whole reporting team in Permatang Pauh is taking a short break. Will resume reports at 7PM. Latest news courtesy of Malaysian Insider, at 6.25PM, EC's secretary announced that 38,144 or just below 70% voters had cast their ballot. A MP and his son was hit being ghostbusters. Full live feed only from Malaysian Insider.

Hopefully a Merdeka for rakyat at 8PM later when the result is announce.

Stay tune.

UPDATES (7.11PM): Counting of votes begin. Anwar is leading. Yippee Yay Yay!!!

UPDATES (7.20PM): Unofficial stats, Anwar garnered 19,000 plus votes and climbing.

UPDATES (7.30PM): Courtesy of People's Parliament - Anwar has won Seberang Jaya (Arif's stronghold) by a huge majority. Unofficial figure, Anwar 5865 votes versus Arif 1977 votes.

UPDATES (7.45PM): Results are being announced randomly. Khabar angin saying Anwar won big in most of the counting centres. Let's kill the pregnant white hair man political career.

UPDATES (7.51PM): Some PKR sources hinted that Anwar will win with a majority of 18000 and above. Wow!!! Hope this is true. Dollah, WAKE UP!!! :P


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