Thursday, August 07, 2008

Timing Belt Rosak

This is getting really interesting. So it is not 8 times as per Saiful's claim.

And then, on 28th June 2008 (2 days after the alleged offence date), he made a police report at about 4ish to 5ish at a pondok polis in HKL before proceeding for a medical examination in HKL but prior to that he went to Pusrawi Hospital at about 2.14PM and doctor TRO his ass got sabotaged. .......Hmmmm......

You see, Najib himself said he met Saiful a few days before the victim lodged a police report. In this context, the words "a few days", to my understanding a few days mean more than one day. This rule out the possibility of Saiful meeting Najib on the 27th June 2008 because that was just a day before he lodged the police report and not "a few days" as Najib said. So now, most probably Saiful met Najib on the 26th June 2008, that day itself after Saiful got allegedly sodomized. And that can only happen after 4.30PM.

Najib cannot be meeting Saiful before 26th June 2008 as he has yet to be allegedly sodomized by then as per above charge said. Unless the charge said otherwise that DSAI sodomized Saiful on several other occassions before 26th June 2008.

So now, could Najib possibly slotted his time on the 26th to meet Saiful? I read at Aisehman about his schedule that day. It does not take a genius to figure what went wrong.

...... Hmmmmm.......

all excerpts from TheStar Online

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