Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Post removed due to unforeseen circumstances. I am not in right mood to explain. For all I know, I am enduring mixed feelings right now.

Have you ever felt that being a human is the hardest thing ever? As you grow up, there seems to be hurdles & barriers in life that you need to face everyday. Wealth, career, family, friends & love. Nevertheless, challenges & roller coaster riding in life made human one of the most complex being in the world.

I am not sure what I am babbling now either. Can't wait till Friday. I miss you my Macallan & my Black Label.

"Waiter, can you get me a perfect pint please?"


AngelCheah said...

Hei Mike,

are u alright?
hope that everything is going to be right for u.

it's not easy to live, never.
but we do enjoy and have great time, and that's the moment we pursue always.

let's work on it ya!

Michael Song said...

Hi Angel... thanks a lot of wishes... appreciate it... ya, let's b strong and work on it...