Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rakyat Independence Day

I am still overjoyed with the Permatang Pauh by-election results. Young adult like me who has never experience the real independence day back in 1957 finally know how it feels to be in one. And the very first live blogging yesterday indeed brought a significant traffic to my site thanks to some blog aggregators.

Throughout 2008, this will be the best week for me. I will be taking a long leave starting tomorrow and will only be back to work next Tuesday. To readers who already plan their trip for this long holiday, if you ever come to Melaka, do buzz me. Add me on my facebook and send me a wall message, will definitely glad to catch up for a drink or two with you peeps.

And a very happy birthday greeting here to one of my buddy & brother. Happy birthday mate. Many happy returns for you ya!

It will be a short post for now. I am on half day leave today, perhaps getting myself wasted again tonight. And oh please, today another person ask me if I am attached or not. Well, I do not think I have that look to charm girls all the time nor do I look like a playboy. I am very much single & available. I am not seeing anyone or whatsoever but I understand at the crossroad age of mine, being single is rare but no worries, I believe there will be someone out there.

Happy holidays to all!!!

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