Monday, September 01, 2008

Who Is Insulted?

This is a picture-less entry. It had been a real good holiday. For readers who are not Malaysian, 31st August is Malaysia's Independence Day, so it is holidays to all. I had a good mahjong session with my family, ate a lot of home cooked food, blasted the toilet many times. And today, my colleague & his family came down to my hometown, Melaka which I am proud to say that this historical city had just been listed as a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO recently.

Ok, I will put my posting on my hometown to another day when I compile more great pictures to share to all. I had just read the latest posting from Malaysia-Today which had been "blocked but not censored" by the Malaysia government. In case, some of you are finding difficulties accessing the original Malaysia-Today site, here is the optional link.

Ok, here's what prompted me to write the above title, if I were to call someone a pig, does that mean I am insulting the person or am I insulting the pig instead? Let's be fair, pigs are mammals too, at times certain people just made me felt that I am insulting the pig instead of them. Perhaps pig is more respected than them. Hmm... worth thinking...

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Xpressnick said...

thanks for the Malaysia-Todak alternate link..