Friday, September 19, 2008

Absence Makes The Heart Grows Fonder

I am too weak to blog. Heavier workload and heavier responsibility but with the same salary. Some readers MSNed to ask why ain't I updating for the past 2 days, tired and felt weak. No worries, I am not being ISAed or whatsoever.

Work, drink, entertainment and by the time I am home it's past midnight. That is the reason I am tired lor. I will be back to Melaka this evening to take a good weekend breakaway. Hopefully I write a longer post tomorrow.

Today someone MSNed me and said she misses me. Hmm... should I be happy or should I not?

Catch up soon. Going to read all the news & update myself. Oh ya in between, Teresa Kok was released 1PM today, thanks for the SMS from a dear friend. Hopefully RPK will be out soon too.

Happy Weekend to all!!!

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