Wednesday, September 17, 2008

916, 917, 918....... What's Going On?

I am dead tired. I almost miss my flight to Sabah yesterday, thanks for the kind people in MAS. Now this is the difference between MAS (MH) & Air Asia (AK). 30 minutes before you still allowed to check in while AK will ask you to go and fly kite.

So, the Malaysia Day is over. It does not happen which means RPK and Teresa Kok will still be detained under ISA. And this also means Dollah Badawi still is the PM. I was in Sabah yesterday, yesterday is also a public holiday in Sabah in conjunction of the Governor's birthday. I had a project meeting with a prominent developer with various developments in Sabah and over tea session we had a chat about Malaysian politics. He too agreed that we Malaysia needs a change, other Sabahan who I met during the session also voiced out the same.

I came back last time, touched down KLIA at about 10pm. A few buddies called to go for a drink and I went. "So it's Sept 16 now, what happen?" a friend asked. With a tired voice, I told them to be patient, few more days to come, we shall see.

So back to reality now, it's past 916. Everyone wants to see 916 after so many shits happen in this country. Much before the Permatang Pauh by-election and all these ridiculous ISA arrestments, nobody will talk bout the 916. And after Anwar successfully convinced the people about 916, majority of people in this country want to see a wind of change, some desperately like me. But what's going on? I feel like singing this song now...

Off to bed now... hopefully when I wake up later and open up Malaysiakini, there will be further good news...

ps: A fellow blogger friend quits blogging. I hope she will change her mind.

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TNH said...

will..certaintly we need a change..too bad that there's nothing happen..hope that it will happen soon