Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I hardly blog at this hour (9AM) but an unpleasant incident happened early this morning while I was driving on my way to office. I was being barked as early as 7AM this morning due to an incident in which is not within my control.

I felt lousy, really really lousy. Do I at my position deserve this unreasonable barking from a customer? Though unreasonable, it is a fact that we fail to supply our goods on time to meet the project dateline, I try to be sensible enough to put myself in the customer's position, I believe I would be upset too but not to the extent of using vulgarities like I swallowed early this morning.

Being in the same company for 7 years, sometimes you wonder how the new breed of people handle matters these days. I had been in the sales, product management & now business development to add into my portfolio, I just cannot understand why internally the communication is so weak that we failed to communicate the same to the customer. In my frank opinion, the customer has every right to get upset.

After vomited out what's happening, I felt much relieved. I felt upset because I have to face the music early in the morning. Well... I felt much better now. Hopefully it does not deter me from executing my duties today in full swing.

Thanks to a silent reader again for kind words, this time this silent reader is someone I know through my work. Hmm... she did mentioned "charming". Thanks dear and I do hope you will be my silent reader for a long long time ya.


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