Saturday, September 20, 2008

จำตัวเองได้ไหม Jum Tua Eng Dai Mai

Rejuvenated. Slept early last night about 10PM. Woke up 9AM today, had breakfast with mom and send her to her shop. It's a day I would take a time off from politics a bit. Wanna share one nice song with you peeps today.

Not english, not chinese but Thai. I had this liking to Thai songs. Just enjoyed listening to their every lines that most of the times will end up with mai, hai, nai, lai, wai and so on. I added the video together with pinyin for Thai dummy like me (thanks to Albert). Enjoy the song & sing along.

James Reungsak - Jum Tua Eng Dai Mai ( จำตัวเองได้ไหม)

For better audio version, play it here below

Anyone willing to give the meaning translation?

Happy weekend!!!

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