Sunday, September 14, 2008

How To Attract Innit Nuffnangers To Nang You?

Most of the time my traffic will come from the Malaysia's No.1 blog aggregator, Project Petaling Street. But on a beautiful quiet rainy Sunday today, I did not post up a very much anticipated political drama and yet I have a decent uniques today thanks to innit-nuffnang. So curious, I did a bit of research which I felt would be useful for new nuffies who are utilizing innit.

Post up anything related to sex! As long as you can relate any word in English vocab that can be related to sex, you will definitely be nang-ed, I can god guaran-DAMN-tee that. It's proven! I made a quick check on the top 10 most popular innit post, whether it is all time popular, monthly, weekly or even the last 24 hours, anything related to sex will make it to the top 10. So write about sex, like I wrote about how a friend MSN me to talk about his kukujiao got infected by pimples. Even after famous DANG-ers like Tiuniasing danged, trust me, you will still be in the top 10. For no reason though, I seem to enjoy the danging from Tiuniasing, he had with him self-made fame (thinking out of the box), smart ass.

Another keyword that will attract nangs would be anything related to Nuffnang (for eg: innit, nuffies). It seems like nuffies enjoy reading about sex & nuffnang. Politics can never really make it to the top though.

Besides applying the right keyword, you can attract nangs but nanging others but of course I believe while you nanging others, your self ego will prevent you from nanging those who already got many many nangs, so that you got a chance to get to the top 10. Haha... got you there other guilty nuffnangers! If your post title is boring and yet you made it to the top 10, it is either you are freaking active in the chatbox or you nang a lot on other post so out of courtesy the other nuffnangers will nang you back.

Thanks for all the nangs from the previous post. Hope the tips above can trigger some other new nuffnangers to do something about their post. As for me, I blogged about shits, theoritically I am not good at writing about sex, I am good practically :)

When is the next whatever nuffnang gathering you nuffnangers organizing? Never really booze-ing with any of them though.


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Anonymous said...

for the Malaysia's No.1 blog aggregator, Project Petaling Street. It looks so unfriendly for the site. It is really no 1 for malaysia?