Thursday, September 04, 2008

Now Every CEO Can Blog

The man himself started his own blog somewhere before merdeka. Welcome to the blogosphere Tony! He perhaps had proven that now everyone can fly, to add to his record now, he proved that every CEO can blog! Check out Tony's blog here.

The intro of the new blog aside, I had been under tremendous pressure past 2 days at work. That is the reason I skipped my post yesterday, my inspiration was drained. It felt not good when you know that you are working hard in the office and yet getting bashing from the top. Tomorrow another battling day. Let's pray for the best!

Just downloaded the new browser, Google Chrome - Beta version. Hmm... I am impressed! It's neat and in terms of browsing, it is pretty friendly. I am still very much attached to Firefox 3 though but it would be good to give Chrome a try. Now I had all browsers in my collection, do download the beta Chrome here. Below is the screenshot of the new browser browsing Mikemmery. Click to enlarge, you can see the browser tab right on the top left corner.

Aww God... I can't wait until tomorrow. It's Friday! After the 2.30PM meeting with my MD tomorrow, I am free, care free, heck care feeling and I am looking forward to the weekend. Will be pimping MATTA fair tomorrow to visit my client's booth and at the same time looking for cheap bargain, I want to travel again. And over the weekend, it will be plenty of seafood, mahjong & family feel.


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suanie said...

heh i like your post title. very apt ;)