Friday, September 12, 2008

I Am A Sept 16th Desperado

I am desperate to see the change and I do pray for Sept 16th to happen. There is nothing much to be proud of when you read the news everyday about Malaysia. Again and again, a number of gobloks in the country had made it a laughing stock of the world.

To sum it up of what's happening this week.

1. Ahmad Ismail was suspended mere 3 years for calling Chinese 'immigrants' & 'American Jews'. I am wondering if the above statement does not sound like a sedition.

2. Home Ministry sent 3 show cause letters to local newspapers. They are,

Local english daily - TheSun

Opposition weekly bulletin - Suara Keadilan

Local Chinese newspaper - Sin Chew Jit Poh

I am wondering if they will do the same to Utusan Malaysia for its piece of this
false reporting.

3. The cabinet instructed MCMC to lift its ban on Malaysia-Today website yesterday. However, little do we know that the cabinet decided to arrest national hero, Raja Petra under the ISA. RPK was arrested today at 1.10PM.

If you really want to do something for this man, get your phone and flood the country with this SMS:

"RPK detained under the ISA. Show solidarity with him on 15 Sept, at 8PM at the Kelana Jaya Stadium."

I am cancelling all my appointment on Monday evening to attend to this. It's time to put the ISA into the bin. Enough is enough, lawan tetap lawan!

On a separate note, I am not feeling too well today, took a medical leave, went to see doctor and was diagnosed with hypertension. Hmm... time for a change for myself too...

Have a nice weekend peeps!


Vincent said...

Is he (Anwar) really that good? Remember that there is no pure evil and pure godliness.

Michael Song said...

vincent... we shall see...