Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ladies First : Beauty Maker Paradise

A silent reader of mine started her blog. Though silent, she had been a very loyal reader and I am amazed each & every time we meet up, she seems to know a lot through my blog. And here she is, starting her new blog and for a first timer, I thought it is pretty nice, clean & neat.

And this site will definitely be a must stop for all the girls out there. I believe you girls have watch "Ladies First", the information guide hosted by Paulian Lan whose coverage of topics ranging from fashion, beauty to marriage tailor-made for ladies on Astro TVBS Asia channel. Talking about beauty, there is this guy in the show, Kevin Zhou, who shares tips & secrets to beauty & make-up. In a Malaysian ladies forum that I read, many female fans of "Ladies First" are having difficulties looking for the beauty products used by Kevin Zhou in that show.

Ladies, worry no more. Beauty Maker Paradise will be the answer for Kevin's products. Although the mega sales had just ended, visit the site now and until the end of September 2008, additional 10% discount for all products purchased online. Pictures below are some of the products line-up, I am not a beautician so do not ask me what is that product for, just check out the site, it has detailed descriptions of the product in Chinese & English.

So wait no more, paradise awaiting you.

ps: darling cyn, good luck in your new blog & business.

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BLue said...

Finally there's English translation. Been having problem understand Mandarin via TV since last yr T_T