Monday, September 15, 2008

Vigil Tonight, Sabah Tomorrow

It's 6.30PM now. The weather seems gloomy, it seems like rain is unavoidable. Nevertheless, I will be there tonight for the solidarity for RPK. Having the privilege to work in the building beside the stadium, let me update a bit what's happening right now.

They ground peeps are erecting the PA systems and tents. And I can see many individuals setting up tables, perhaps for the buka puasa function later. Hopefully by then the weather will be on our side. For non-muslims, be there roughly around 9PM onwards as our Muslim friends will start their buka puasa session, Maghrib & Isyak prayers followed by Tarawih prayers.

Be there together and expect talks from leaders like YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Hadi Awang & Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Today's vigil expected to end at midnight.

And I will be carrying a big task tomorrow. Tomorrow, Sept 16th, I will be summoned to Sabah. And tomorrow is also a public holiday for Sabah in conjunction of the TYT's birthday. Will be there to see what I can do to make the frogs jump.

Hehehe... no lah, I am just joking. But the real fact is that I am going to Sabah on a project meeting not on politics. I will be back on the same day.

A hectic day. Luckily it's a holiday on Wednesday. See you peeps, let's pray Malaysia Day will come true.


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