Monday, September 01, 2008

I Am A "RSS Feed" Dummy

With blogs as the alternative media, most of the netizens will subscribe to some RSS feed. To be frank, I do not even know what 'RSS' stands for. All I know is that once you subscribe to that particular blog/weblog, you will receive notification whenever there is an update from them.

As a blogger myself for 3 years, I have no fucking idea it is important to my blog. Perhaps I am just a bit ignorant about it. So today, came back to KL, surfing & checking my site. I was shocked to see that my feedburner box that used to have 40 subscribed readers dropped to like 4 readers. As much as I guess, there were something went wrong with my feed. I explore a bit here and there and checking validity of my feed and found too many errors that I have no idea how to correct it. I took shortcut, removed the original feed and create a new one via feedburner and it is working again but the sad part of it was previous readers all gone already.

So if you like MikeMmery, click on the icon below to subscribe to it. Support a bit lah, don't so kiam-siap lah :P

And while googling about RSS, I found some really cute RSS Feed icons that I thought would be nice to share with my readers. I uploaded the big file, perhaps you guys have to be a bit hardworking to do the resizing and fit it into your sidebar. Enjoy!

And this one below, I thought is the cutest of all.

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