Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Poll Retired, New Nuffnang Poll Kicks Off

I started a Nuffnang poll called "Prime Minister of Malaysia" not too long ago, about 100ish participated and here are my findings.

First question, "Who performed the best as PM for Malaysia since independence?". As expected Tun Dr Mahathir was elected the best performed PM, I too got to agree with this. Many perhaps are saying that the current political turmoil in BN was caused by Tun himself but look around us in Malaysia, whether you like it or not, Tun Mahathir did put Malaysia recognised in the world.

My second question was, "Who is the worst PM for Malaysia since independence?". Without me further elaborating, Dollah won this time around thanks for his flip-flopping and occassionally caught napping in meetings.

Many are unsatisfied with Dollah's administration at the moment. Many are unhappy and wanted change. Just like the rest, I would love to see the coming of Sept 16.

Finally, when asked who will be their most preferred choice to be the new PM replacing Dollah, Anwar garnered the most votes, followed closely by the No.1 blogger in Malaysia, Raja Petra while Najib can barely be seen with just a 11% votes.

Guess most of mikemmery's readers are opting for a change too. With Achmed case now put to rest (he had since been suspended for 3 years), Dollah biggest enemy now is the man who handpicked him as the PM. Tun Mahathir was reported to return to UMNO but... but... his membership will due to the current president's approval. Let's see the drama there. For once, BN looks like an underdog this time around.

Oh ya, I started a new poll, please do play a part of it. Thanks to all previous voters.

Got to run for my pint of Guinness now.


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