Monday, September 08, 2008

Blog Like Che Det

I am a regular to Chedet (if you haven't know, ex-premier Tun Mahathir blogs here), today I will try to blog like him (in point form) which I think I will fail miserably :P

1. My last post was on Friday. Had a really busy schedule.

2. Had unpleasant things happened in office. Pressured like pressure cooker in mamak special. So that night decided to drink with my secondary school buddies Jason & Chris, so coincidencely they called.

3. Was drinking with them at The Joint, Sunway. Not a bad place afterall. Met up with a sweet girl Avis there. After 24 bottles of beers & 4 bottles of Stout, we continued to Red Box Sunway continue to sing till about 3am. Enjoyed myself after so long did not catch up with my old buddies.

4. Ex-gf called to inform Auntie 7 passed away, heartache to know that as Auntie 7 & her family treated me well when I was dating her niece. She definitely left some really fond memories for me.

5. Was involved as a sponsor in MATTA fair. Was there during the weekend, damn I hate crowded place. I rather pay more for my holiday than to brush shoulders with some kiasu aunties. Went there with Roy & family.

6. After MATTA on Saturday, went to Kuala Selangor for a project. Overnight there. Did not hang out much as it had been raining whole day. Had some great sea food there though.

7. Came back to KL on Sunday, went for Jack Neo's second edition of Money Not Enough, enjoyable if you understand Hokkien. Had a good laugh after Zohan, prefer the former though.

8. After the movie, bought a bouquet of white daisies & lilies. Got back home, had a quick shower and went to Auntie 7 passing on ceremonial held at Nirvana, Kuchai Lama. Can't hold back, shed tears. Met up with my ex & her family. Her family still are warm to me, something I had never had with any other girls. Great to see them. Miss you!

9. KL buddies called me, complained that I have not been seeing them. Been busy with a lot of things, hung out with more of business contacts instead of social buddies. Sorry we shall catch up soon ya.

10. Jo Ling who left a message on my chatterbox need some information, here you go. Nice condominium in Sri Damansara, it's called Paradesa Tropika, I attached the artist illustration & map there. Hope this helps. In between, I am abandoning my plan to buy there though due to unforeseen circumstances (not financially but some personal reasons). Targetting Kota Damansara area landed properties - thanks to some strong recommendation from my brother. God willing, by November or December. I cannot afford it all by myself. Need a proper planning.

11. Since it is the beginning of the week, guess this would be a gentle reminder to all Reds & Devils out there. This Saturday, don't forget the clash of the titans at Anfield. I had sent out facebook invitations to all my buddies. Just in case you have not receive it, please click here if you have facebook account and RSVP your attendance. I will be there to have fun as it is one of the Tiger FC venue. Hopefully Berbatov will make its debut against the Corpses. Join me and let's kick Liverfool's ass ya.

12. The UMNO Ahmad of Penang refused to apologize for calling Chinese & Indians "pendatang" (immigrants) of Malaysia. It's ok Ahmad, we shall see when Sept 16 comes. Its only 8 days from now. Malaysia belongs to Malaysians, not Malays. I do not expect a political party like UMNO would have racists in their party. I love my Malay friends, I do not care how rich, how does he/she looks like, as long as the governence be fair to all Malaysians and not benefitting the already rich UMNOputras.

That's about all over the 3 days postings made into 1. Ahhh... it's wonderful to blog with a pint of chilled Stout.

See you tomorrow!


Terra Shield said...

Oh man, your template is gorgeous!

Nice attempt at mimicking chedet. I think point form is good if you're really in a hurry and need to present accurate info for ppl to understand

limcyam said...

... good stuff!

Chedet where got pictures... only words nia.

... but I think you will succeed!