Friday, September 05, 2008

New Kids On The Block - Back To Memory Lane

They are back. New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) is back. I still remember in the late 80s, I bought my first cassette from the daily pocket money I saved mom gave me. They are definitely big back then. Their comeback made me think a lot of the old days. I was back in Primary 4, me and my other 4 buddies, we imitated and sang their songs. They refer me to Donnie Wahlberg, the leader of the group back then. To my buddies who read my blog, Chris Ng, Jason Kua - remember those days?

Their latest album "The Block" had just been launched with single "Summertime". I still very much prefer the other old tracks. I'll share one of my favourite NKOTB song of all time "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)", as youtube prohibit it from being embedded, click here to listen. I dedicated this special song to all the girls that I am involved in. Happy Weekend and I heard there will be a big news in the Malaysian political scene soon. Stay tune.

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