Monday, March 24, 2008

From Kops To Corpses

I am amazed with the quality of pictures taken with my LG KS20. Picture taken above was without flash, white balance = auto, 2.0MP, super fine settings. I was at The Amphitheatre, Sunway Lagoon last night to witness the demolition of Liverfool Liverpool.

Myself, Chris & Jason, we arrived there like 7.30pm, my first time to Amphitheatre, and I got to say I love the above picture, overseeing the main landmarks in Sunway, pictures taken with my LG KS20. And accidentally bumped into one of my reader, Ms. Chek who happened to be a VIP for the event.

Since we were early, we got the best seating in the Stadium, equipped with a few packs of beers & soft drinks, we enjoyed the atmosphere throughout the night. I got to admit that the Reds overshadowed the Devils in term of crowd last night but we Devils had the biggest laugh in the end of the day when the Kops were transformed to Corpses. To the Reds that reading my blog, better luck next time mate, no hard feeling... HAHAHAHAHAHA :P

We were entertained by the EPL dancers and there were few EPL legends that joined the event. I only blardy recognised Phil Babb & Ray Parlour only, the rest tak kenal-lah.

And at the very beginning when the Reds in the Stadium were chanting away their songs, they were silenced by Wes Brown fluke goal. I was telling my buddies, tonight we will thrash them and indeed the scoreline (3-0) did the talking. Corpses out there...

SIR Alex Ferguson
SIR Matt Busby
Bill Shankly
Kenny Daglish

Can you spot the difference? We are indeed different, not same level lah babe.


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