Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LG KS20 Extras & Owners List

OK... OK... I know for the past few postings, it is all about LG KS20 and I am motivated to write more and I just cannot get enough of it. Not "song"? Shoot me then :P

I received a surprise call last night from a reader asking me about the applications that I installed to my KS20. So here, I googled and got some of the screenshots for a better picture of what installed. Forgive me, as I have not got my new notebook approved so bear with me with this old junk I am using now which I have difficulties sync-ing it with my Outlook at the moment, once I got hold of my new ultimate machine, I shall write more about my sync experience with Outlook soon. So to the KS20 lovers, enthusiasts out there, here you go...

SPB Mobile Shell - An extended to the plain default Today's screen. This screen will appear when you wake your phone up from sleep mode. Screen that shows you summary of what's happening, the battery & signal indicators, calendars, etc.

SPB Mobile Shell Screenshots 2 - This is the extended Today's screen. You can easily access to certain programs on the Today's screen itself instead of going through the hassle of tapping the Start button on the top left corner of your handheld.

Owner Info X - This is extended to the default Owner's Information. You can add a display picture to it just like the screenshot above. It is a freeware. Do the googling k.

HTC X Button - This is essential as the default 'X' or 'OK' button of KS20 does not really close the applications. Many times if you check the memory of the running programs, it is always running at the background by default, it will definitely slow your handheld, but with the X Button freeware, your applications will be closed properly.

PCM Keyboard - iPhone lookalike keyboard, I prefer this as it provides pure QWERTY feel and SMSing has never been easier. Another freeware as well.

And another solution I believe would be useful. The KS20 by default does not include SIM Manager like the HTC Tytn which enable user to copy all SIM contacts into phone contacts. In other words, KS20 users would need to copy the SIM contacts one by one into the phone. Pretty lame isn't it? Problem solved - get your 3rd party freeware here.

Now I cannot imagine my life without Google.

OK... now KS20 enthusiasts out there, do participate in the owners list program that I initiated, register here. So far as of now, I have 3 people in the list from LowYat forum. The owners are as below
1. Michael Song aka cybermick @ LowYat
2. StratOS @ LowYat
3. jackal_x2005 @ LowYat

Questions: Do I need to register to start an owners club? What are the procedures? And reason of doing this is that, the owners opinions & voices can be louder and heard if there is huge participation and who knows certain accessories we can get at a discounted rate if we purchase in bulk.

ps: wish list for KS20: 1. Micro SDHC 8GB, 2. Leather Pouch, 3. External GPS device :)

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