Tuesday, March 18, 2008

LG KS20 Rocks!

More pictures taken with LG KS20, adjustment only to white balance 'Cloudy'. The fact is KS20 takes decent pictures for a Windows Mobile handheld. I had started a LG KS20 owners list in these thread (here & here), if you own one, let's see what experience we can share together ya

For the past few days, these are some applications & add-on I installed for my baby;
1. SPB Mobile Shell (something like extended Today's screen, darn cool! MUST HAVE!)
2. PCM Keyboard (iPhone lookalike keyboard)
3. HTC X-Button (X button that really closes applications from running at the background)
4. Owner Info-X (Extended Owner Info + Display picture)
5. SunGlobe (3rd party application to enable Chinese SMS to be read)

Also, I heard KS20 will be able to support Micro SDHC (not confirm), meaning to say that we can enjoy bigger space like 4-8GB of additional storage. Keep your fingers cross, will update you guys.

This is one of the best phone LG produced so far, my 2cents and functionality so far the best among LG's range of mobiles. And maybe tonight I will try to post a blog with my baby :)


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