Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mikemmery's Weekender

It's Sunday and I had dull weekend really. It is more of a home affair this weekend, no dates and no happenings. My parents went up to Genting for a breakaway. Should have follow them but anyway here's the summary of my weekend;

- Saturday noon, I went back to office to finish up my stuff till about 7pm *mike no life*
- I am working on my 2nd blog. Will reveal the final version once I got it done.
- Someone called on my mobile & threw tantrum, I am guessing what had I done wrong and it felt like shit really.
- Luckily Sunday, someone important chatted me up over MSN. I wish her all the best in her quest of getting what she dreamt of.

And what's on tonight? I am going to watch the clash of the titans tonight @ Sunway. Luckily I still got a bit of life this weekend... DAMN!!!

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