Thursday, March 13, 2008


My conversation over MSN yesterday with my favorite girl...

Jessica (not real name) : I very "mang jang" now
Me : Then how can I un-mang jang you?
J : When I "mang jang", please do not ask me so many questions!
Me : OK, I don't ask but I can answer you lor.
J : Don't talk to me is the best cos I will not "SONG"
Me : Don't worry, I know there are a few people that can make you "SONG"
J : Who? Who can?
Me : Michael SONG, Papa SONG, Mama SONG...
Me : So, now you "SONG" or not?
J : Hahahaha... "Hou Sei SONG"

I know this post is quite "wu liao" but knowing she reads my blog daily, just want to cheer her up :)

Some random pictures taken in Japan...

Syok? But KNNCCB, I can't eat all these... DAMN!!!

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