Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hidden Treasure of KS20

Someone played with his phone and his intention was to do a soft reset and accidentally found out the hidden treasure of LG KS20.

Here is the step by step and hope it will be a great use for all LG KS20 owners. When your phone is in sleep mode, press "SEND" and "VOLUME DOWN" keys simultaneously. The keys are highlighted as per below pictures.

And voila, the camera flash will on and it will act just like a torch light. So you will now no longer afraid of the dark. Yippee!!!

And to deactivate the flash light, simply just press the "END" button.

Mikemmery pandai kan?

1 comment:

Eunice said...

hey i really like the design of your site! did it yourself? :D

ooh la la pandaii...but i have some old dinky nokia phone - i refuse peer pressure! haha.