Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kuan Yin Ma, Tolong Lim Peh... Poh Pi, Poh Pi

Was rather a hectic day for me today. This morning, I put my car to test the full throttle as I am rushing to an important appointment at Putrajaya at 10am. The outcome of the meeting is pretty convincing and I came out a happy man.

But my happiness does not last long, again my car giving me problem. First, the aircond was not in working condition and second I realized some kind of smoke came out from the engine compartment.

Worrying and having the thought of my car will go in flame, I came out from the car to check what went wrong. Then the smoke subside and I tried to start the car again and drove to the nearest workshop I can find.

And after parting with almost RM3k from the previous repair works (and I still owe Alan the balance of the payment), the mechanic diagnosed that my compressor leaking. And I officially announced that I am broke, as in super broke, broke as in no money to even buy bread to eat :P , so do look look see see in mikemmery:forsale or feel free to email me if you ever need any gadgets, electronics or electrical stuff ya.

And Kuan Yin Ma, please poh pi poh pi me, let me go through 2008 more smoothly. Limpeh planning to buy house somemore leh, poh pi lim peh make more money so that enough to change this problematic car somemore. The moral of the story: Do not bang toll!

On a separate note, a while ago, my ex called me to update her the latest happenings in this country, she stressed anything at all but not politics. She said she remembered I used to read The Star almost everyday the time when I was still with her. Little does she knows, I already banned all local newspapers, thanks to her too, after the broke up, I spent more time in the blogosphere, then I got to know who is Jeff Ooi when I worked with him on a project. Thanks to many other political rodents who blogged and enlightened me on what is actually happening in this country.

I therefore urge all my readers to ban this so called 'The People's Paper', read more here. And the corporate companies who chose to advertise on this paper frequently, be wise and do not allow all your media buy through the agency. If there is more people like me who got so influence by the world wide web, beware how much the www gonna influence our buying pattern on certain products.

MAKKAL SAKTI applies on everything!

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