Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pak Lah, You Know Now What is Makkal Sakti???

I am doubtful he fully understand the message here. But certainly he got a wake up call from the rakyat. I am very much disgusted with the national TV with their so-called political analysts who is so pro-BN on all channels TV1 or TV3.

The recent scene of Pak Lah giving out press conference in PWTC. You saw Ong Ka Ting? He is nothing to be compared to Pak Lah's wife Jeanne. Hey Ong Ka Ting, sooner or later you will learn a thing or two from Samy Vellu. You claimed you speaking up for all Chinese? I am so ashamed of you really. If I were you, I would have ask Jeanne to step back and let you to voice your opinion in the PC. Jeanne got nothing to do with politics in this country. She was not even the original first lady of this country.

We created history tonight. We retained Kelantan. In addition to that, we captured Penang & Kedah and unofficially we are capturing Perak, Selangor & The Federal Territory. I never mentioned parties name who captured if you notice, because it is us rakyat who made the choice. And although we cannot form the federal government, we finally denied the 2/3 majority of this 50 years of dictatorship.

And now bloggers - celebration for us. We have voices in Parliament - Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, etc. Now bloggers, I announce you to BLOG WITHOUT FEAR!!! We will remain the new alternative media to the netizens. And hats off to Malaysiakini, Raja Petra, you are my hero, really. Hope to see you competing in the next GE.

Penangites, I am sure investors will once come in again. You guys are lucky you have a new CM who is credible of fighting for rakyat's justice & rights. Hidup DAP! Congrats Guan Eng.

And to the newly elected MPs and DUN members, we have faith in you that is why we vote you in, 4 years from now, if you fail us, we will show you who is the boss.


Quote from the movie V for Vendetta, "The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people"

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