Wednesday, March 26, 2008

R35 GT-R... Something You Might NOT Want To Know

Short talk: My 2nd blog is ready. Check it out here. Saya budak baru belajar, kalau ada silap & salah sila tunjukkan.

Hold your breathe, it felt like cutting into my own flesh for each & every single word I typed for this post today.

Many guys would have heard before the champion of all Japanese cars, the Nissan GT-R, I believe many would sacrifice their gf for this, limpeh is pretty sure about this. Just some enlightenments to those who know nuts about GT-R, do check out the links below;
Nissan GT-R Press Photos & Details Leaked!
Nissan GT-R - Wikipedia

First introduced in Japan in December 2007 and will only be released internationally in June 2008. Living up to the 'MalaysiaN Boleh' tag, we also have this in our very own soil - unveiling first GT-R in Malaysia, budak Kedah tu...

Not only that my friends, curse & shout your lungs out loud after you see the pictures below... Sigh.... Good bye half a million ringgit...

And yes, it happened here recently. See the similarity of the below pictures? Confirm we are better driver than the Singaporeans :P


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