Sunday, March 09, 2008

We Are The Champion

The Rakyat is the champion today, but a lot of work need to be done. To do a major clean up especially on the juridicial, the SPR & the police force.

The Police - Pembohong!

The SPR - BERSIH kah?

Tun Dr M held a press conference today, I am still trying to get hold of the video. Tun said yesterday's election result sends a clear message that the rakyat are angry. Mahathir, who led the ruling Umno which helms the Barisan Nasional coalition for 22 years before stepping down in 2003, lashed out after its worst performance in history. "My view is he has destroyed Umno, destroyed the BN and he has been responsible for this," Mahathir told reporters. He suggested Abdullah should resign, and said he had made a mistake in selecting him as prime minister.

My humble opinion, Pak Lah held all the important portfolios in the cabinet; he is the prime minister, the financial minister, the home minister, the internal security minister and not forgetting too he is also the lovey dovey hubby of Jeanne. Crap PM, crap English he had, when the rakyat in Johor was experiencing the worst ever flood last year, where was the PM? He was officiating Nasi Kandar shop in Australia. And he started this 'warkah for PM' website, encouraging the PEOPLE to write to him in any language, and he will reply to us. Hey, Pak Lah, lu ingat kita ni bodoh kah? You are insulting the rakyat's intelligence. Mr. Clean is not that clean anymore my dear Pak Lah.

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