Friday, March 07, 2008

Last Day Of Campaign - VOTE FOR CHANGE

Short note: She called me, for a while I am surprised. It had been a while...

The General Election is tomorrow. For the past one week, I had been attending ceramah after ceramah, meeting up candidates & socio-political bloggers in person. All of us are indeed looking for a breakthrough & a change.

There are many talented and smart people in this country. If only the broadband penetration is good, I believe many would stuck themselves with news in the internet rather than bias media we have in this country, I am just disgusted with the way they write and talking about professionalism as a journalist, I felt sad for all of them.

The People's Paper? How true is this remark? I was in Kota Kinabalu yesterday on my business trip. The wind of change is not as strong as in Peninsular. I took a copy of local English paper this morning and I am just got so sick on what is potrayed about Peninsular. No report on massive 60,000 turnout for the DAP talk in Penang. No report on 10,000 turnout in Puchong Jaya. I was there.

Here are some of pictures taken.

My last post today on the "VOTE FOR CHANGE" campaign, vote wisely my friends. My voice here alone does not make any difference. The call for a BERSIH election was tainted with the cancellation of use of the inedible ink with lame excuses from the EC.

I hereby include top 5 candidates that require your extra consideration before you vote.

1. Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-UMNO) P.187 Kinabatangan

Issues: The famous quote, "Mana ada bocor, Batu Gajah tiap-tiap bulan pun bocor"

2. Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (BN-UMNO) P.61 Padang Rengas

Issues: "He is the most racist politician in Malaysia" - Wikipedia

3. Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-UMNO) P.131 Rembau

Issues: Son-in-law of Pak Lah. Made most of the important decision in this country. Burn American flag, march to hand a memorandum which the police said is legal.

4. Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu (BN-MIC) P.62 Sungai Siput

-Longest serving minister in the Cabinet of Malaysia
-MRR2 cracked pillars
-Recent plights of HINDRAF

5. Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob (BN-UMNO) N.36 Pelangai

Issues: His infamous hand language (is he the Menteri Besar?) and Pahang’s deficit to balloon to RM50mil, while MB place a bid for RM48,000 for CCC 9 car plate number. Represent rakyat kah?


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