Monday, March 03, 2008

The People's Power

The GE is about 5 days away, for the coming few days, I will be campaigning in my blog here not for any political party components but as a Malaysian who is seeking change. I am having terrible flu now, probably due to the rain during the ceramah I attended last night which was held in open field TTDI, PJ.

I am touched seeing thousands braving the rain (it's blardy heavy rain last night) to listen to the Barisan Rakyat front-liners. Why would all these people stand in the rain for hours? I said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH", government spent RM100million last year to mark 50th Years of Independence. You see, Pak Lah spent that amount to remind us what great things BN achieved for the past 50 years... but... but... Pak Lah spent RM200million on a private jet, an AirBus. What the hell? He spent more for himself than the rakyat. We are not dumb Pak Lah, do not insult our intelligence!

We are facing an uphill battle, not a battle that is fought gentlemanly. I have greater responsibilities to enlighten my other brothers & sisters regardless of the color of our skin, we are Malaysian and Malaysian deserve better, equal rights.

I received an email this morning and it is pretty shocking. This is what we called, 'Phantom Voters'. Sometimes they claimed we bloggers are bunch of liars, picture speaks louder than words, aren't they?

Tonight there will be an interesting ceramah, will be expecting some of my closest friends there. Mari beramai-ramai tonight, we got great speakers like Ms. Fong Po Kuan (Batu Gajah MP), Haris Ibrahim & Raja Petra. Venue: SS2 (Behind Hong Leong Bank), Time: 8PM.

Apart from the serious post above, enjoy this hilarious video. Cool!

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