Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mentally Tortured... I Need A Break

In the office now, taking a bit of time to chill my tortured mind and update what's happening. I will be going to Macao to attend a commercial seminar in Macao, never imagine I can ever step my foot in The Venetian, this is my chance and I am going to extend my stay to visit my sister in Hong Kong. My business trip is scheduled on the 14th April 2008, will take about a week off from work.

Secondly, my best wishes to Nicole on her quest to conquer the world. All the best and safe journey ya. You indeed made Malaccans proud!

In addition to that, I line up brand new iPhone for sale in my online store. Feel free to browse through it and serious buyer please contact me.

OK, back to work a little bit more and I am off to my buddy's place for the weekly EPL chillout.

Sharing one of my favourite YouTube video of all time, it helps to de-stress my brain a little. Enjoy!!!

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