Monday, July 23, 2007

AFC Q-Final

How was your weekend peeps?

My Sunday relatively peaceful, although I buntut gatal went & commented on 5xMom's site for her critisizing the NEGARAKUKU MV done by the Muar boy. But then nevermind lar, both of us are bloggers, she may find the MV offensive but I find this boy is talented.

Ok, Sunday went for S.Korea against Iran, electrifying atmosphere especially the REDS. It had been a while since I last saw a match in the stadium, i think the last would be MU vs Malaysia few years back. Check out the photos...

Dull match, but penalty kick was really a drama. This Wednesday, S.Korea against Iraq, anyone?

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Chris said...

Blardy hell astro din show it live...but I watched the delayed telecast right up to 1.30am this morning...I'm predicting a Korea-Japan final...but it could well turn out to be a Iraq-Saudi final...wahhahahahha