Tuesday, July 31, 2007

When Beauty & Doughnuts Meet

This week blogging would be seriously dull as I am without my digital camera, my brother went for cruise, so he needs it for a week I guess. I never know blogging can be seriously addictive, the number of people I networking with through the blog is increasing progressively.

Last Saturday met up with one of the celebrity in the blogsphere, the lovely girl herself, Nicole Tan or better known as Nicolekiss. I think so far, all the celebrity bloggers I met, are seriously very approachable, people like KennySia, Smashpop & Boss Stewie to name a few.

Reason I caught up with Nicole was to pass her this...

And more and more of this....

If you had been a follower of her blog, she is crazy about this Krispy Kreme but this time around bought her J.CO instead, another big doughnut chainstores in Jakarta. I was thinking of how to pass this to her, and before meeting me up, she had already done her homework checking with other bloggers whether I am a SAFE person or not. Hehehe... it is official!!! I AM A SAFE PERSON, not a PERVERT k :P

We chatted everything about the bloggosphere, some bloggers we known of, her next trip, my next trip, blah blah blah. Lasted for an hour or so, she is damn tall... OK OK I AM SHORT!!! And she looked terribly tired, I mean really tired kind of look but made the effort to come out though but we diden manage to camwhore as I personally feel the cafe we went to is not too appropriate to do that, maybe next time around in our hometown Malacca maybe.

And in my IMHO, I tried J.CO, I prefer it over Krispy & this (the one in the Curve)

Went back to Melaka immediately after the drink with nicole, had a great great getaway break back in hometown which I much needed. Suppose to be on leave on Monday but due to unavoidable circumstances in the office, I was called back by my boss to work on Monday itself. Guess I will be back in Melaka this week again, maybe to rest and get back my camera. I miss my camera so badly. The last pic I took before I hand it to my brother.

Picture taken in Friends' Cafe in Melaka (outing with Angela & friends)
What's install for tomorrow? Stay tune k...

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