Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Massage, Anyone?

*a huge sigh*

A relatively stressful day, too many things on my mind but managed to tackle it one by one. Miscellaneous petty matters seriously irritates me. While rushing for a product comparison presentation for my boss (mind you, I have just finished a farking 20 phones comparisons, specs by specs in details plus price both original & AP sets), the petty matters came along.

  1. Having a relative kept on sms & calling you to ask for staff price of other LG product which you have to politely obliged, if not they will say u farking no manners and complain when seeing your parents. The procedure is like farking tedious, check price from respective product people, then call your relatives back to inform the price, then get them to pay you and you need to farking go to the sales clerk for invoicing, following up on delivery, blah blah blah. I do not mind buying for friends (happy readers? happy fellow bloggers?) cos they understand the nature of your job and they do not push you like your aging relatives, mumbling mumbling and repeating the same thing over & over again. Arrggghhh!!!

  2. Colleague who cannot decide where to go for lunch, all of a sudden called your extension asking you where to lunch? OMFG, just decide lar where to makan then I will tag along lar. Wah lao eh!!! Sorry colleagues, today just a little stress lar, when so tied up with work you seriously do not want to be diverted from your focus.

In addition to that, soon my department will be like 4 person leaving, I mean really soon.And I have yet to see new faces in, so if you can understand how it would be like that you need to do something out of your job scope a little here & there?

And now, it is 6PM and I finally do my ranting here and yeah, felt farking better now!!!

Tonight dinner with Tim & Samantha I suppose, wondering there will be 2nd round or not. Nicole coming? Anyway, I am craving for a good, a real good massage. Anyone?

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PS: My congratulation to one of my invisible fan & reader of this site, some good stuff happened and she's overjoyed and shared with me, I wouldn't mention what is it but anyway my dear, congratulations ya!


Jane aka Kepo said...

Mike, me too... i hate tags... can I tag you for fun. thanks for visiting my blog. You are cool.

Michael Song said...

geez... thanks kepo... ya, tags suck!