Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mega Sales Carnival

The Mega Sale Carnival is on again, many will swamp major shopping complexes. From 16th June till 2nd September 2007, shoppers can indulge in the great bargains, promotions, activities and contests, that guarantee a shopping spread to satisfy even the most seasoned of shoppers.

For myself, regardless of any sale carnival or not, I prefer to do my shopping online. I purchased most of my gadgets online and most of the time people will complain about the price purchased online is more expensive than the retail outlet in Malaysia. I beg to differ, because buying online, not only you can browse through items that might not be available in Malaysia yet but at times you might get an item at a very good bargain.

One of my favourite store is definitely iStore or Apple Store. And I stumbled upon a very good site that actually giving out discount coupons on their site which allow you to purchase from their various merchants registered with them and Apple Store is one of them. And since iPhone is the talk of the town right now, perhaps good idea to check out some good online discount coupons available. Check out the link here, ONLINE SHOPPING COUPONS

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