Friday, July 20, 2007


Will be attending a forum on Clean & Fair Elections organized by BERSIH. Should be general election be held in the next few months, what is the readiness to ensure a clean & fair elections? Hope to see you guys there :)


On top of that, articles from Malaysiakini;

Ministry bans Islamic state debate in media
Ng Ling Fong & Soon Li Tsin
Jul 19, 07 5:43pm

The Internal Security Ministry has confirmed that they have given a directive to all mainstream media not to publish any news on the issue of Malaysia being an Islamic state.

Internal Security Ministry’s Publications Control and Al-Quran Texts Unit senior officer Che Din Yusof told malaysiakini that they are afraid that allowing such discussions would cause “tension”.

“Yes we have given the directive to all mainstream newspapers. Islam is a sensitive issue. They cannot publish any news on whether the country is secular or Islam.

“Stop harping on this. The debate would never end,” he asserted when contacted today.
However, he said newpapers can still publish statements from Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Abdul Razak on the country being an Islamic state.

On Tuesday, Najib said Malaysia is an Islamic state and not a secular one while carefully assuring members of minority faiths that their rights will be protected.

He said the mainly-Muslim Malaysia has never been a secular nation as the government has always been driven by the fundamentals of Islam.

“Islam is the official religion and we are an Islamic state," Najib told reporters after he opened an international conference on the role of Islamic states.

“But as an Islamic state, it does not mean that we don't respect the non-Muslims. The Muslims and the non-Muslims have their own rights,” he was quoted saying.


PS: Tension? First & foremost, siapa yang mulakan dahulu? Secondly, 2 orang sahaja yang dibenarkan melaungkan kata-kata dalam media? Saya terasa amat dukacita tapi apakan daya, saya cuma boleh meluahkan kata-kata saya sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia di dalam blog saya. (In a shocking state of emotion now)



tanalan2 said...

good comment mate.. I am with u !!

praveen said...

Yeah we all hope for a clean election, but the extent of its cleaniness is well known by now isn't it??

This would be the first ever time I'll be voting for the election. Lets hope it makes a difference

Michael Song said...

same call here praveen, im glad u registered... hey, let's catch up someday ya!