Monday, July 16, 2007

My Challenge

Today, I felt the challenge for the very first time as a blogger, I was asked by my best friend today who is also a reader of my blog when will I change my identity as MIKEMMERY in the blogosphere since now I got a decent readership daily, he said that I am not myself, I got no identity and I am still hoping and hanging on my past. To a certain extent yes, what he said is true, but to me I chose to ignore, it is a name I chose to stick on and YES, hell a big big YES, I will hold on to this name to the day blogspot finally no longer host blogs.

I first started blogging about 2 years back with the identiy MIKEMMERY, it is the combination of MIKE & EMMERY (my ex-gf), at that time the contents of this blog were mostly on my experiences and daily journey I had been through together with my gf of 4 years to the very last day we were together (10th December 2006) and I chose to stick on to it because to me, it had become my identity in the blogosphere. My best friend said that I have not totally got over my past life, which again is quite true and I should have move on with a new identity and stop posting my singlehood every 10th of the month. For a moment, I felt offended with that remark and I am thinking this is the only platform in my whole fucking life that I can pen down what I feel inside, so why does he heck care? Should he be reading this, I trully understand that what you uttered a while ago were all for my good sake, I understand, but I cannot blog to cater to what readers want to read, or rather you want to see, can it be treated as a platform of you seeing the real Michael sharing his daily emotions?

Yes, my knowledge on Malaysian politics is pretty shallow and I should not have post "Free Nat" because you worried I might got myself into trouble with the authorities. Again, I understand your sincere goodwill but can it be treated as Michael supporting human rights to be at least practised to all bloggers? Or rather there should at least the right procedure be practised in arresting someone?

Again my fellow bloggers, along the way there will come a point where we need to face the dilemma as a blogger, I would say blog what you feel it is right, blog truthfully & blog with responsibility. Just be yourself. Do not let comments or other's thoughts to affect the way you blog. Keep the blogging spirit burning!

To my best friend who is reading this, you are STILL my best true friend, just understand why in the first place this blog starts, I am glad of your concern about my life, thanks for your advice and constructive critisms. I do hope you will still continue reading MIKEMMERY. LONG LIVE MIKEMMERY!!!

FINISH RANTING!!! I felt much better now...

Good night!!!

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