Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bloggers Meet

Great time @ Friendster's last nite. Met up with blogging buddies, some big celebrity blogger and some great bunch of new friends.

Fellow blogging buddy, Rames, a very good photographer who surely know how to manipulate photographs, and not to mention too funny & nice guy who willing to chat up, sorry Rames, for not preparing the red carpet 4 ya and girls out there, macho kan dia?

Cool bloggers that I met ~*~*~*~*
Jason aka Smashpop, great take on the plane jump mate... keep in touch k.

Jennifer aka Jennihsurf. One day must challenge her on Wii.

Fellow travelling buddy turn blogger. Check out Alan Tan's site here.

Fellow committee for the Malaysia Blogger's Day, all the way from Australia, an avid blogger himself, Timothy.

So what is all the buzz with The New Community itself? I was enlightened by Dodo about the community, was not all convinced until I meet the man himself, Christien New & his lovely wife Lavin. He took the trouble to explain to me the whole community about, about sharing and using the bloggosphere for charity purposes. Yeah, I am in, to do my part as a blogger to share my thoughts & my knowledge with the bunch. Met the whole bunch of New's knights & angels. Thanks Chris & Lavin.

Picture grabbed from WhiteTulips site. Yeah, I found you too. She is also one of Christien's angels. Nice meeting you girl, oh ya, don't forget about our trip to Melaka ya.

Managed to camwhore with 2 of my Angels (ANGELa & ANGELine), my best buddies & my readers too.

Great great night!!!


tanalan2 said...

Yeah yeah.... nice cam whoring mate

Michael Song said...


~*♥*~ÄmèLïâ~*♥*~ said...

nice to meet u mike mikey mikemerry ^^


Ur existence in the NEW comm. will increase the joy and happiness level. hehe...

Michael Song said...

hey amelia, nice meeting u too... im glad im in the new community as well... let's grow and share together... cheers!