Thursday, July 05, 2007


Fuck you human... make way for the Autobots, this is just one fucking movie which worth sacrificing my sleep this morning. Now I know why FA & NicoleKiss had their orgasm cos I had a pre-mature ejaculation too and I am darn a walking zombie in my office now. This is just a teaser posting about the movie, promise you guys a detailed Transformers review soon. Let's welcome TRANSFORMania.

Went to BlackFury launching last night @ The Curve prior to the movie, this event was not the main attraction of my evening as it had been overshadowed by the Autobots. And the point that they just gave out 12 iPod Shuffles instead of 24 instilled a great sense of disappointment in me as I waited patiently from 6.30pm till the whole event dismissed! Darn!!!

But something to cheer me up, I was being highlighted in LG main PR site for reviewing on the LG PRADA 2 posts earlier. Never knew such a crap review will be highlighted alongside with Kenny's advertorial review.

In btw, Tim hurts his right cornea, get well real soon mate. Sincere wish here mate...

More updates on TRANSFORMANIA soon...

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