Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ops Bersih

I had to sacrifice my Harry Porter movie outing with the New Community because I felt I have an urge to join this BERSIH convention and thought that I can share this with my fellow readers who all while being blinded by the bias local media. Sorry Christien & Lavin for unable to turn up for the outing.

My second consecutive forum in the Chinese Assembly Hall. The day 20072007 will mark history as it is the very first time we see the real unity of we Malaysians, the voices & chants, people of various agama & bangsa gathered in a Chinese Assembly Hall to fight for a better nation, the better of our beloved country. Enlightenment about the real democracy and our rakyat's right and a call for a fairer incoming General Election.

It was indeed a special meaningful convention for an auspicious date like today (20072007) as many eye opener issues were discussed & well debated by various NGOs and political parties. Finally, we got a platform to hear the truth, nothing but the truth which I am very sure it wont be covered in the major newspapers in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the crowd of approximately a stronghold of a few thousands flooded the hall with one call, a better and fairer Election Commissioner or the SPR.

I believed there will be an extensive detailed coverage on Malaysiakini today and meeting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, PKR advisor was indeed a joy. We were entertained with a good speeches meted out by the leaders of respective NGOs & political parties. And familiar faces of some political activitists can be seen.

All in all, what we requested are a fairer PKR, a fairer media coverage on all parties and to improve the current procedures of election. By all means, I am not an extremist just an activist fighting for rights, voicing ourselves as a taxpayer, voicing myself as a blogger and the freedom of speech, we indeed have a bargaining power my dearest government, ain't we?

I believe the segelintir of us can make a difference if we play our role right, regardless of who is going to run the country, all we demand is TRUTH, JUSTICE, EQUALITY & FAIRNESS.
Is that too much? Uhh... better say no more, later kena... ;)

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