Wednesday, July 11, 2007


So what is LG Mobile Angels Team all about? They are pretty bunch whose role to provide sales support to all current LG Mobile dealers nationwide. They had been a great bunch who had been helping me tirelessly supporting my dealers in Klang Valley especially, so I decided to bring them out for a good session of dinner & happy hour. So the Angels decided to meet up @ The Curve, oh hell yeah, they are one great happening bunch.

And I believe they do read my blog, and girls if you are reading this, thanks for everything and hope you girls enjoyed what was installed yesterday for you all ya! And do not forget our movie session together this month.

We had dinner @ Dragon-i and proceeded for 2nd round @ Sanctuary and YES, we had a great session of camwhoring... hell yeah, CAMWHORING...

So what is the problem being single now??? :P


tulipspeaks said...

hahahaha... *pointing at the last pic - yea, looks like sumone has no complains for being single! :P


tanalan2 said...

hey when u wanna invite me for drinks wt yr angels ?????? I'll serve n protect !!

kennethnorman said...

eeeww.... life's just so good for being single!!

Michael Song said...

tulips... not to say no complain being single, just do not see there is a problem being single ;)

tanalan... sure, they r fun bunch, the next outing with them, tag u along ya

kenneth... couldnt agree with u more!!! :)

Chris said...

...and you never bother to invite us bros together!!! *sigh*