Friday, July 20, 2007

Are We Free???

I am gonna blog about this in a very mikemmery's way. Attended a forum help by DAP in conjunction of Nathaniel Tan's release from the 4 days trauma in IPD Dang Wangi. The forum starts @ 7.30pm, so I thought of leaving office early to make sure I do not get caught in the freaking traffic jam as the forum's venue is at the Chinese Assembly Hall (near Maharajalela area).

Traffic was surprisingly good. Reached there like about 5.40pm, called a few bloggers & friends to see if they are interested but many seriously worried about being watched by our MA-TA (hokkien version), I respect you guys' decision of not joining, but surely want you guys to understand my decision to attend this is not to provoke the authorities but to clear the mist that had been BLINDing me & also to understand in depth what is Malaysian political environment is.

Since I reached there early, I thought of going jalan-jalan along the Petaling Street since it had been a while since I last went there and end up buying this...

It is like going round and round the whole Petaling Street selling like the same stuff over and over again and it is this 2 shirts that caught my attention, glad I got it ;)

Then called up fellow blogger Kenneth asking if he is interested, before I could say anything on the phone, he said he is in after like reading my previous post. I am glad I got company. He is somehow on the same brainwave as I am for the betterment of Bolehland. So we had a drink & chatted about mostly socio-political condition, blah blah blah.

Finally we went to the venue at about 7pm, there were already a bunch of handsome crowd there, and I bought myself a copy of ROCKET newsletter & glad Kenneth got himself registered as a voter, great going dude!!!

Went in the auditorium and the banner says it all, "NO TO POLICE STATE IN BLOGOSPHERE". While we were browsing through the newsletter bought, the crowd is getting bigger & bigger and the first familiar face that we managed to spot is the godfather of Malaysian blogs himself, Mr. Jeff Ooi. My first time meeting him in person, nice down to earth as he shook hands with everyone. Then followed by Tony Pua (Economic Advisor to DAP Sec-Gen), the arrested made famous Nathaniel & his gf yang dikasihi, Soon Li Tsin (Malaysiakini journalist), Lim Guan Eng (DAP Sec-Gen), Nurul Izzah Anwar (Anwar Ibrahim's daughter) & Harris Ibrahim (influential lawyer & Founder of the People's Parliament).

I would not go into detail of the contents of the forum here as it would be unwise to do so but to summarize it, this would be the 50th year of Malaysian Independence, we should have been free 50 years ago and looking at present time now, from Nat's experience himself, the question here is ARE WE FREE??? There is averagely 9 rape cases a day now according to the latest crime statistic, is our MA-TA that free enough to arrest a Harvard graduate for being suspected of having/possessing national secret rather than to curb the rape cases? Think! Just like decoding the Da Vinci code huh? And hell yeah, I like the joke on Sammy ;)

And finally I bought a worthy read that will keep me away from my PSP for a while :P


praveen said...

Well u never know who's watching you. .but i'm definitely not in support of such treatment

Michael Song said...

ya, thanks praveen, maybe i am being watched... i dunno

kennethnorman said...

if being watched so what?? the godfather said...just blog responsibly, whereby i'm sure mikey is. If we never done wrong, why scared of attending those forums?? I'm sure there'll be backups if we bloggers r arrested. I love the S.V joke man!! Malaysia Boleh!!

Wilson Ng said...

Nice shirt mate!